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Katy Mills Mall Houston Hours:  Mon - Sat: 10 AM until 9 PM     Sun: 11 AM until 6 PM



By clicking on the links below you will see the menus so you decide if they have the food items you are craving. All the eateries found in the mall and food court food, drink, and food goods are all here, and you can use the other numbered links to take you to additional locations for that restaurant or store in other Houston malls. Check out this list of some of our favorite eateries and food vendors -each is highly recommended:

EMeals - Katy Mills Mall - Online meal planning. This one is fantastic.  (online only)

Jelly Belly - Katy Mills Mall - Who doesn't like jelly beans! World-famous gourmet jelly beans.  (online only)

Chicago Steak Company - Katy Mills Mall - Nothing beats a great steak. Highest quality beef. (Online only)